Pro header not working well on IE

Hi, I just upgraded a site from X to Pro and it worked alright. I recreated the header using Pro Headers, but they’re totally off on IE. The site is

I have tried troubleshooting for plugin conflicts, did fresh installs, etc… but can’t get it to work.

Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong? Are the Pro Headers incompatible with IE? I might have to find a windows machine to try to fix it with CSS :frowning:

Hey Juan,

Try changing your Image setup to Standard. I’ve tried it in your site but it does not take effect in the front-end. There must be some caching in your site or server but I don’t see a caching plugin. Please contact your host if they have a built-in caching and tell them to clear all caches.


It’s hosted on AWS, I have removed any caching. Maybe you tried it in the mobile block?

Anyway it does change it, but doesn’t fix the issues. I have tried other settings as well.

The nav links styles and menu breaks as well.

Any other ideas of what I can try?

Can I set a header that displays only for IE?

Hi Juan,

First of all, to make sure that we are on the same page, we support ie11 only and there is no support for older versions.

The Internet Explorer version 11 has few problems rendering some Flex properties. You can read about the problems and possible workaround here.

The most problematic one is when you add value without units for the flex properties. For example, the auto will not render correctly in IE 11.

Try to check your header bar container and other elements and make sure that there is no auto value, instead of that you can use 100%.

The Pro header and footer Builders are heavily dependent on the flexbox. Unfortunately, there is no robust way to separate a header to show only for the IE 11 browser.

Thank you.

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