PRO: header for a custom post type


I am using eventon calendar which creates an event custom post type

you can see here:

but when selecting headers (in the header section) there is no way to select that post type for the header

how do I choose a header for the custom post type?

Hi there,

Unfortunately, you can not select headers for the 3rd party plugin created pages. Instead, you will need custom development to do so which is outside of our support scope.

For the custom development you will need to have a Child Theme installed and follow the steps below:

You may need to contact the 3rd party developer and ask them to give you proper code that you can substitute instead of the given code in the article to match their custom post type.

Thank you.

f@45 me seriously? the theme is called Pro?

so if I switch to the calendar you include with pro- modern tribes calendar surely you have a simple fix for their individual pages

or are you telling me that you bundle in a plugin that requires customization in order to use? come on that don’t fly with me

the link you sent me is for individual pages with an ID- I will have to add that code for every single event- you are going to have to do better than that- perhaps someone else can answer

Hi there,

The link I provided is not for an individual page with ID. The ID that you see in the code is for the header that you want to batch assign to all event pages. You need to find the header ID that you want to assign only for event pages.

Let me give an example:

add_filter('cs_match_header_assignment', 'custom_search_header');
function custom_search_header($match) {
	if (is_user_logged_in()) {
		$match = 1234; // the post ID for your header
	return $match;

In the example above 1234 is the ID of the header that you want to assign.
is_user_logged_in() is the code that says assign the header only if the user is logged in. Now instead of this code you need to contact the plugin developer and ask them that which code you need to replace to assign the header in question to all event pages.

As I mentioned before we can not guarantee header builder assignment specific to pages that are generated by the 3rd party plugins. None of the plugins you mentioned is part of the bundled plugins. Our bundled plugin for the event is the Moder Events Calendar plugin:

Thank you for your understanding.

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