Pro Header/Footer Builder - PHP Compatibility

Are there any known issues with Pro builder & PHP 7.1 or greater? I’m running some tests with the builder on my local server (php 7.1.11) and getting some really unexpected results when editing headers/footers. Specifically, the frontend output is drastically different than the output being shown in the editor preview. From what i can tell (i haven’t tested thoroughly) it looks like when a new container is saved, it’s overwriting the settings saved in the other containers forcing me to go back through the other containers and save them again for them to “update”. While the frontend display outputs unpredictable styling (i.e. flex styles not being properly applied, max-heights not being applied, etc).

I’ve checked my debug logs (php & wp-debug) and there weren’t any errors specific to pro that were being fired.

I spun up a docker container to test on php 7.0 & didn’t experience any of the above issues.

I can try deploying to a remote server so your team can take a look, but first i figured I’d ask if there was any known issues i’m not aware of.

Figured I’d add a few screenshots of the behavior & my env info

PHP Version: 7.1.11,
Db: MariaDB 10.1.19
Server: Apache/2.4.23 (Win32)

Pro Version: 1.2.4
WP Version: 4.8.3
Clean wp install, no plugins or themes, only Pro installed.

Default Footer

Editor Preview

Frontend View

Hi There,

Pro fully support php 7.1. Please set it up online so we can check where the difference is coming from. Thank you for the screenshots.

Thanks. I’m not able to reproduce the issue on a remote server env. So there’s something occurring with my local Xampp setup that’s causing the problem with Pro.

Hi there,

I wonder if it is something related to PHP Memory Limit. I suggest that you increase the memory limit:

Also please update the theme to version 1.2.6:

Also, I suggest that you read the article below it may shed some light on possible reasons you see such a behavior:

Thank you.

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