Pro Header + Footer (2.4.6.) not displaying correctly

Dear Support Team,
I know this may be a repeating issue - but I couldn’t find help in other threads. I am setting up a clean new WP site using 2.4.6. When using one of the template headers or footers, the content doesn’t load and looks completely off.

I ran it through the CSS validation tool jigsaw and it returned 17 errors, although I didn’t make any changes to CSS or Java - as I am just setting up the site.

PHP version is 7.0, memory st set to 256, no plugins (all deactivated)

Can you please take a look? I can also provide login data.

Many many thanks!

Hi @Saschacanarywharf,

Thanks for reaching out.

I don’t see any caching, could you try re-installing your Pro theme with the correct folder name instead of /pro-5/? Then re-edit it in the builder and save it.

Else, please provide your admin login credentials in the secure note


the folder /pro-5/ was chosen automatically. What would be the correct name for the folder? Also, I send you the admin logins in a secure note.

Hello @Saschacanarywharf,

Thanks for providing the information. I have logged in and fixed the issue. Pro theme is now having the correct folder name.

Is this your first time in creating the header? You will need to understand first how the header works. And for that, I would like you to check out this knowledge base article:

And it also looks like you are trying to add a menu. Please make use of the navigation inline element. If you have created any menu yet, please go to Appearance > Menus. For more details on how you can manage your menu, please check out this codex:

Hope this helps.

thanks you guys! You are awesome!

You’re most welcome!

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