Pro header - custom not showing since update

Hi there

I had created a custom header to appear on the one archive (index) page I was using for News and Events. Now it is no longer being applied to that page?

How to fix?

Hi Connor,

Thanks for writing in! If you have updated recently, most probably your issue should be related to caching. Please follow guidelines below.

  1. If you’re using caching plugin, make sure to purge your server cache.
  2. If you’re using a CDN service like CloudFlare, login to that account and purge cache.
  3. Head over to Pro -> Settings page and clear style cache.
  4. Clear your browser cache as well.

After clearing your cache, try testing your issue again.

If you’re still having issues, provide us with your login credentials in a secure note to check your issue further.


Yes, we are not using any caching plugins. and i cleared the cache at godaddy. I dont think this is why that what was working would disappear- that would not be a caching issue.

Please see secure note.

Hello @Health2018,

Please be advised that Godaddy has a built in caching mechanism in their server. You need to clear or flush the cache once in a while to make sure that your changes displays the latest.

I can confirmed that there are only two custom headers in the builder. I am not if it was corrupted or something. I would highly recommend that you revert back to the previous state right before you have updated it so that you can restore the header. I am assuming that you made some backup. If not, your hosting provider should allow you to revert back to a certain point right before you have updated. Once you have reverted, you can save the header in one of your templates just to make sure and then do the updates again.

Hope this helps. Please let us know how it goes.

HI, yes, as i said I i my message, i had cleared the godaddy cache. And the problem isnt that the header is missing. the problem is the header isnt showing on the index pages as I have assigned it to be. the news category page is an index page right? I have the news header assigned to appear on those pages. That’s the posts pages (Iindex) option, right? Before the new release automatically updated my site, the header was there.

are you following?

And the site automatically updated i did not update the theme manually I dont know how to switch it back?


Hi @health2018,

If you haven’t updated it then it could be the Godaddy, you should contact them about that.

As for the header, you should assign it as global, please note that assigning a header to the blog page will not assign it to the archive page. And your news page is a category page and not a blog index page.

I’m not sure what you mean that it is no longer applied, it’s still on our feature request list and not yet implemented (header assignment for taxonomy pages like category, archive and so on).

The only workaround, for now, is assigning it as global so all pages including taxonomy pages will use the same header.


Weird, because it was working before that.

When is that feature request going to be implemented. it was kind of the whole reason I went with the pro theme.

I don’t understand how that is a workaround? I have a global header. I dont want this header on all the pages.

Hi @health2018,

What I mean is, assign it as global then assign another header to other pages that are meant to have a different header. Else, there is no applicable solution for now.

And I also tried assigning the header to category pages before (older versions) and that’s not possible either. I’m not really sure how it was working on your end. But again, this is already on our feature request list and unfortunately, I’m not sure when it will be implemented. Please stay tuned from the updates.


Hi Rad

I did what you said and made the news header global and then assigned the regular header to certain pages. Its a fix for now thanks.

However, so even though the news header is an exact copy of the regular header with just another bar that says news under it, the dropdown navigation in the product menu in the second bar isn’t showing on the news header. It shows on the other one. I cannot figure out why. Is there some setting I am missing somewhere?

You should still have secure note with login info if you need to peek behind the scenes.

thank you


To fix it, you need to increase the z-index of your white logo nav bar

The z-index property specifies the stack order of an element.

An element with greater stack order is always in front of an element with a lower stack order.


awesome, thank you!

Something weird is happening with the headers though. Now my third bar (what made it a different header) is completely gone! I have to try and remake it again

Hi Connor,

It actually shows up, see your News & Events page. It won’t show up on the pages that have a specific header assigned (BHI MAIN)

Header and Footer Builder Introduction

Hope it helps,

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