PRO Footer Builder Containers not stacking for mobile responsiveness

WordPress: v4.9.1
Pro: v1.2.7
Using the New PRO Footer Builder.
my-site dot com

Bar w/ Container w/ Image Element for Logo.
Bar w/ 3 Containers w/ (Text, and two Navigation Inline Elements) for: address, Menu-A, Menu-B.
Bar w/ Container w/ 15 Social Elements for profiles.
Bar w/ Container w/ Text for the Copyright 2018.

In the second Bar the containers are NOT being responsive by stacking one on top of another when viewed on a mobile device, instead they remain next to each-other, making text difficult to be read.

Similarly, the social icons are being compressed instead of breaking the single social row into two rows.

Please advise appropriate way to make this responsive.

Hey @VGonzaloMartinez,

That is how the Standard Container Self Flex works. Try setting a custom value like this.

It would be best though that you understand how Flexbox works. Please see the Tips and Tricks in this page

I would also recommend the rest of the usage instructions in our Knowledge Base.


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