Pro element presets

How do I save element presets that I’ve customized so I can load them elsewhere in my header/footer.

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This functionality will be available in a future release.

Thanks for understanding.

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in an indefinite amount of time…

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Well, closer than you think, I believe :slight_smile:

But yes, I cannot provide an ETA.

Thanks for understanding.

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Hi @joao - will it be possible to save a preset which is only related to that element? For example, say I create a button using the pro theme (and there’s a lot of little settings there that I’ve finally tweaked just the way I want them) - I would like to be able to save this as a preset for future buttons - not change my whole theme when I choose a preset (like a stack would).

This way I can create a new button, but base it off of my previous one that I saved as a “preset”.

Another benefit of this is, pretend we are about to launch our new website, and the client decides they want to change the shadow on all buttons, it would be great to only have to update the preset once and have it propagate to all buttons using that preset.

Is this where Themeco is heading with presets? I hope so, but if not, will the new API allow us to custom code this functionality into the custom elements?

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Howdy, @cobbman!

Thanks for writing in! With regards to presets, you’re pretty much right on the money with how things will work. You will be able to tweak a button to get it just right, and then save that entire collection of of settings as a named preset (let’s call it “My Awesome Button”). Then, when you add another button to your page, if you want to use that exact same style again, you can simply apply the “My Awesome Button” preset and it will be just like your previous button, making these styles reusable and predictable across your entire website.

Regarding the “editing” of a preset and having those changes propagate to every button on your website, there is still a little bit of discussion around this internally as technically a “template” or “preset” is something you would expect to be immutable and unchanging, but we can see the power in wanting to be able to adjust it from one spot and have it filter down to every element that has these things applied. While I can’t provide any definite feedback regarding this part of the equation, you can be certain that our next big item does indeed include the ability for users to define and save their own presets, which can then be recalled as needed or moved to over sites if desired.

Hopefully that helps to provide a bit more context, cheers!

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I’m so frustrated right now! I need to duplicate a column thinking I could save the column as a preset but I can’t save ANYTHING! Why is there “Save as Preset” and it’s not available for use?

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Thanks for updating this thread! Regretfully you cannot duplicate a column because the columns were already defined when creating the row. You can how ever duplicate the section or the row. If in case, you like to have a column with the same contents, you will need to duplicate each of the items in the columns and drag it out to the other columns instead.

Hope this helps.

Any idea when this feature will be possible? Or is it already in place now?
I have just set up a V2 element to be exactly how I want it (a button) and obviously I would like to use the same style/settings on other buttons on other pages of the site - this is a pretty normal requirement I think. Do I really now have to through and do them manually one by one? - if so there must be a better way than this - I want to work fast and efficiently, that’s why I’m using X/Pro.

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It’s still in development but should be available in the near future :wink: .But you can already use the preset option from existing stacks. You can’t just save a new preset yet.


I save many Presets,

What I could do whit this preset to work with this work I save.



Hi, Constantino,

I am not sure what are you talking about and this thread is 7 months old. Please open up a separate thread and give us detailed information about the problem you are experiencing and we will be more than happy to help.

I suggest that you check this article before opening up a new thread.

Thank you.