Pro editor issue

Hi there,

From 2 days ago I cannot load the Pro Editor in any page or post of my website. It starts loading but never ends.

Can you help me please?

Hi there,

Thanks for writing in.

I just checked and I’m able to edit your pages in Pro builder, would you mind clarifying which page has this issue?


I just tried to edit in Safari and Chrome. In Chrome it works, but not in Safari, seems to be a browser issue… I don’t know, but for the moment it´s ok for me.

Thank you very much for your time.


Glad that you managed to use the Editor with Chrome at the moment.

I checked the front end of your website and I see some errors. Please go to Pro > Launch > Theme Options > JS and remove the <script> tag as you can only add Javascript and not the <script> HTML tag.

If you want to add 3rd party scripts you need to install a Child Theme and add the script to the functions.php using the wp_head hook. For more information:

Thank you.

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