Pro doesn't work AGAIN - mobile

so, in x, mobile. just. works. right out of the box.

now, in pro, mobile just doesn’t work. things don’t collapse, and things don’t look right.

yet another way pro is broken…

unless i’m missing something? shouldn’t it work out of the box? like it has since we all started with x?

What specifically isn’t working for you out of the box?

It’s not a mater of Pro being “broken” as it is a matter of it being a tool where you have far more granular control for how things behave on different devices. Have you reviewed the Pro section of the KB? There are numerous articles and videos about how to utilize the respective features. If you have a specific question related to something not working after configuring the mobile controls, a member of the team will be happy to take a look.

it should start from a baseline, not from a nothing. the beautiful thing about x is that it worked out of the box. it would always allow you to customize what you want while declaring everything. pro was supposed to just do that but make it easier to customize. pro has literally made everything harder to work with. and now everything is broken

you weren’t even able to put a simple little setting like ‘if small screen, stack’ this is basic to designing for mobile, just stacking elements or wrapping stuff inside of elements. why don’t you even have something basic like this?

or at least being able to wrap a text element…

It does start from a baseline, that is why we need specific pictures or questions as to what your problem is so the team can advise.

but it isn’t working!!! the element just continues everything going off the screen where it isn’t doing anyone any good.

like, if the row was just doing max-width: 100% it would be working. but it isn’t. and it is messing everything up

omg this really really sucks. mobile is the most important thing of any website nowadays and you have basically broken the ability to do things that anyone needs on mobile

Hello @quiphics,

Thank you for writing in and I’m sorry to hear that you seem to be running into some issues while using Pro. We can assure you that Pro is absolutely mobile friendly in every way, but as mentioned by @kyle, more of this responsibility rests on the shoulders of the end user while utilizing Pro as it is built to be as flexible as possible in every way, since the needs of what people require are different from project to project. We cannot include something as simple as “if small screen, stack” into a “setting,” because that is the entire point of X vs. Pro. X contains greatly simplified settings that yield satisfying results across the board because they have been curated and abstracted away to make X very simple to work with; however, with this you run into the near endless list of options people wish to change, which simply cannot be provided at an option level as changing one thing has an effect on everything else (e.g. if you change the background color to something, all nested colors may need to change as well, or if you change the font size of an element, you may need to change the dimensions and spacing or breakpoints when things show/hide based on that new size). The permutations are truly endless, which is where Pro comes in.

Pro still provides a highly curated set of options, but they are more “base level,” requiring the user to think through how things are setup a little more, but allowing you to truly achieve nearly any layout imaginable.

At a very simple level, if you’re finding that Pro is a bit more to manage than you expected, you can still absolutely create multiple bars/containers/elements that are shown and hidden at various breakpoints. This is a valid technique utilized by most all websites these days, and many of our provided templates do this to achieve a radically different layout from desktop to mobile. I would highly recommend you start with one of our base templates to see how this works in action (see how we’ve setup each element, when they’re hidden, how they flow, et cetera).

Regarding having elements, “stack,” you can absolutely achieve this, but again, as it completely depends on each user’s setup, there is no way to just have a “stack containers at (X) breakpoint,” “stack elements at (x) breakpoint,” et cetera. Depending on how many containers you have and how you want them to flow, your needs will be different. And if you have a varying degree of elements within your bars, again, the combinations are endless and providing some “option” to just click on would take us back into the territory of X, which is much more “set it and forget it,” but there would be many users who need to customize this to their liking. I would highly recommend taking a look at our footer builder’s Columns template as this shows how to get columns to very intelligently and dynamically respond to the user’s viewport even without using media queries. Also, our tips and tricks article for Pro goes into great detail on things such as Flexbox, navigation ideas, and more, while our partials article goes into further detail breaking down the small, reusable bits of code you use throughout all aspects of Pro.

I can absolutely assure you, nearly anything you wish to achieve in Pro is possible, but you will have to put in a little bit of work towards achieving that end as that is the entire point of Pro. It gives a firm foundation for experienced builders to work on with a proverbial “1,000 hour headstart” in not having to think of the nitty gritty patterns and responsive considerations, but you have fully styling control. If you are finding Pro to be too granular for your needs, you may find considering a switch back to X to be the best course of action moving forward.

Regarding some of the specific examples you’ve cited in this thread, regretfully your site is not pulling up for me. I tried multiple times going to domain removed as well as domain removed, which you referenced in previous threads, but neither of those is working. At this time, the guidance I have provided above is the best I can do without being able to see your site live, but I do highly recommend that you take the time to review the resources mentioned here as they are an important part of understanding how the pieces of Pro all fit together. Like any nuanced tool, there is a learning curve to be expected, and Pro is no different. If you’re having trouble, always reference the documentation, or you can absolutely use one of our starting templates or presets to get you well on the road to achieving the look you desire.

Hopefully this helps to point you in the right direction.

Jack’s note: Edited to remove domains as requested.

as i mentioned in all secure notes, you must update your computer’s hosts files to see the site.

please remove the domain from your forum post.

the documentation is not clear and not written well.

the items are not working. this is what i’m telling you. i’ve been working with sites since 2007. they just aren’t working.

playing with columns. they are all sorts of messed up. this is not acceptable for production level code.

this is tons of work for things that usually just work. this doesn’t make any sense.

Hi @quiphics,

I’ve checked the site and the header appears to be working fine on mobiles, see:

As Kory explained previously in Pro there are baselines for various elements, but you’ll need to hide and set certain elements to show based on the visibility controls. Allowing you to control what shows on the various breakpoints available.

Even though you have said tons of things aren’t working, I’ve been through the site and for this particular issue everything appears to be working perfectly. If you could provide more specific details this would help us to be able to debug correctly.

overall this just doesn’t seem ready for primetime.

Thank you for expressing your viewpoint about Pro product. We would love to be able to help you around to get used to the software and your suggestion also will be instructive.

Thank you.

i don’t need help getting used to the software. i need the software to work and it doesn’t