Pro- changes to site title screw up the edit page

I have a staging site and I changed my site title and tag line (dashboard>>>>settings)

and now when I try to edit the page I get the following error (and can’t edit the page)

The preview could not load due to misconfigured URLs. This could happen if you are using multiple environments and the site URL was not updated after migrating.

Origin URL:

Preview URL:

I have cleared permalinks and caches and nothing works- the only thing I can do is reset back 12 hours which is 7 hours of work today gone-

Hey @b960a518-a049-4215-9,

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue. Changes to the Site Title is highly likely not the cause though.

Based on the error, your Origin URL is different than the Preview URL. That is commonly due to incorrect staging setup like what the SiteGround web host does. Please try the suggested workaround under Seeing the error in a SiteGround staging environment? section at


I don’t think its got anything to do with http or https as Both live and staging are http

I think it is a screw up with the staging site- as I cannot view the home page of the staging site at all

so I have created as a temporary home page- when the site goes live- I’ll save that template and then create the home page and change the site titles etc

Hello There,

Please make sure that your WordPress dashboard url is the same as your site url and your wordpress address url.

If this does not help, please provide us access to your site so that we can investigate further.

Thank you in advance.

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