Pro Bug 1.2.7 - Footer Text Columns formatting issue

Hi team

Footer text as column looking fine on Chrome:

Footer text/column formatted incorrectly (splitting phone number and cutting off other content) in Microsoft Edge:

This isn’t a caching issue as this has been picked up from an external source. And the screen window sizing was checked…


Hi Sam,

Thanks for writing in! Could you please provide us with the URL to your site? So that we can assist you accordingly.


Have added Secure Note - thanks, Sam

Hi Sam,

Please try to increase 100px min width value:

Hi Lely

But that a ‘minimum’ width function? Surely that means the text/column is able to expand further than 100px?


Hey Sam,

Yes. It will only become 100px in very narrow screen width. For your case it’s 275px and under.

Above that, it will expand.


Thanks Christian, but I still dont understand why its only loading at 100px in my second screenshot above, which is on a Desktop Screen via Microsoft Edge.

It should be loading wider than 100px as well - given Desktop?

Hi There,

That is not a min-width property of a container, that is a column-width, it is a suggested optimal width for the columns though, so it might not be consistent all across different browsers, please set that to auto.

Hope it helps,

Hi Friech

I am unable to change that option from 100px to Auto… it won’t allow me to. It defaults back to 250px.

It also therefore moves the text back into 1 column at 250px width…

Also to note is states clearly in the screenshot “Min Width & Gap Width” - this is very confusing if it isnt actually min width, then gap width? As oppposed to “column width”…


Hi Sam,

I agree with that it is kinda confusing, but just keep in mind that it is in the text column setup. Actually the columns property itself is kind of confusing and on top of that the IE/Edge render things differently. I think the best way to get around this is with a custom CSS, I added a class on the text and a bit of custom CSS on the header CSS.

Hope this works for you,

Okay, understand all that.

I suppose my point still stands that the approach to call it “min width”, when it doesnt respond like this in ALL browsers is quite confusing.

Completing a default process in Cornerstone (ie. choosing 100px min width) within the Text Column function should result in exactly the same front-end outcome in ALL browsers. There should not need to be a requirement to add custom CSS from a default Cornerstone input. Or this defeats the entire purpose of said input, as it essentially needs to be adjusted across all Browsers (with Custom CSS).

Optional fix: Allow ‘auto’ to be input in the ‘min-width’ area?


Hi Sam,

We’ll forward this to our web development team for review.

That way, they will be able to provide the best fix for this issue.


hi there, i also have footer issue when update from X-Pro 1.1.1 to 1.2.7,
the footer disappear(can not load) or have such error message :

The preview was unresponsive after loading. This is most often related to a plugin conflict or aggressive page ca


i was tried to clear the caches on browser and also tried to deactivate the plugins but still the same issue.

kindly assist


Thanks Paul, much appreciated.

Giore, start a brand new Support Ticket…


Kindly refer to the link below.


You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

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