Pro and Demo Content

Hey! There is no Import Demo block in Pro validation page, I can only import XCS. Is demo content availble for PRO?

Hello @pioneer_ma,

Pro does not have the Demo Content feature as it has the Design Cloud feature that works better with the Header and Footer builders exclusive to Pro.

If you want to see some designs that are available in the Design Cloud, please check here:

Here is a KB artiicle that will guide you on how to use the Design Cloud feature.

If you want to be able to import the demo content from X, you will have to activate X and import the demo content and enable Pro afterwards.

Hope this helps.

How can I (re-)activate X for importing the Demo if I have it already converted to Pro?

Hello Udo,

Thanks for updating the thread.

If you have purchased a fresh licence of Pro Theme, unfortunately you can’t rollback to X Theme. However, if someone has upgraded from X Theme to Pro Theme then they can first install and activate X Theme, import the demo contents and then convert to Pro Theme.


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