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Hi There!

I have a portfolio website, but I didn’t use the portfolio feature in X theme since I wanted to have more control of the UX and UI. Instead, I’ve used the Essential Grid plugin, along with individual pages to display each portfolio piece. The grid is displayed in order of publish date (see below)

For now, I’ve manually put in arrow buttons for the user to navigate between portfolio page entries (see below)

I love the way it looks – the only thing is that when I add in other portfolio entires, I’ll have to constantly do this manual process. Is there a way that I could add a bit of code so that these arrow buttons go to the previous and next pages (by date published) without having to enter the individual page links every time I want to add a portfolio piece?

Thank you so much in advance!


Hi Katie,

Since you are building the portfolio pages manually (not from template file), it will be hard to write a code to do that. One way that might make some work load easier for you is to use “Global Block” to build a template for these buttons, so you only have to add the previous and next post link.

To learn more about “Global Blocks” and how to use them, you can check this guide:


I figured as much, but I thought I’d ask. :woman_shrugging: I’ve made a page template for each portfolio page that include the arrows. I might explore a plugin for this, but if no luck, then I’ll keep plugging them in manually.

Thanks for the swift response Alaa!

– Katie

You’re always welcome Katie. Feel free to always ask if something is not clear or when you need some guidance. We are always happy to help.


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