Preview in cornerstone not possible

since a few days, i cannot work with a preview anymore.

I have done:

  • deactivate all plug-ins
  • reinstall cornerstone and x-theme

no result.
I have read simulare post but due Im not a pro ive tried whats possible - other hints not.
Could anyone please help me?
Thanks in advance and Regards

Hi There,

Thanks for writing in! Please follow this guide here, to troubleshoot your issue.

Let us know how it goes.

unfortunately I cant solve the problem. I have installed the wp-serverinfo plugin and I have checked what is possible for me but I cant solve the problem.
could someone please help?

Hello @Wurtele,

Thanks for updating thread. In that regards please share login details in a secure note for us to take a closer look.


Okay - thanks very much…secure note is done

Hi There,

Can you also try increasing your WordPress memory limit by following this guide (

If you need further assistance, we also require your FTP credentials.


my site is now completely off-line, also I couldn`t log-in anymore nor I see anything from my site if i tyoe-in my domain??!!
Could you please explain, whats went wrong?
Yesterday there was only that preview-problem…today there is nothing left??

Hey @Wurtele,

A theme could highly unlikely to bring your site down. I see this in your wp-config.php

It looks like a malicious code. Looks like you’ve been hacked. Please contact your web host to get your site up then we’ll take a look at the Cornerstone issue.


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