Pressing "Wordpress Admin->"

Why doesn’t pressing “Wordpress Admin->” in the Navigation menu take me all the way back to the Admin page? It takes me to the page edit screen, and I have to click once more on the Wordpress logo in the top left corner to get back to the Admin.

Is this a setting I can change?

Hi @mikewolf1127,

If you are editing a post or page, that link has always taken you to the specific post in the WordPress dashboard. The issue is that in a recent WordPress update they made that interface full screen by default. You can get back to your dashboard faster if you disable that here:

Good. That’s what I was looking for.

One more question-

Can you add a keyboard shortcut for “Wordpress Admin->”?

would be great if we can change the behaviour of this button. so we can add a custom link or something like that.
when editing a page in pro, i dont need to edit the post.


Thanks for your feedback guys. I’ll add those in our list of feature request.

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