Post editor, YouTube embed code

Is there a Pro theme blog post editor? Or anything better than this?

Also any idea how to insert a basic YouTube embed code without it spanning across the full width of the post?

Hello Mark,

Thanks for writing in!

You can use Pro Theme content builder to create blog posts. However, by default it’s disabled. To enable content builder for posts please navigate under Pro > Settings > Administrator > General and select Posts.

To learn more about permission manager, please refer following post:

In Content builder please use Video element as it gives you range of settings to control the layout of video.


Do you have any resources (videos, tutorials) about how to build blog posts using the content builder?

Hey Mark,

Thanks for updating this thread. Building post contents is the same as building your page contents. The only different is their layout. For the page, you can select a page template layout to use. With posts, you can’t because it will only use the global layout. If you are not familiar with the content builder yet, please check out “Cornerstone / Content Builder” in our knowledge base:

Hope this helps.

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