Possible to create shortcodes by hand instead of using editor?

Is it possible to use the new Section shortcodes by hand?

[x_custom_headline level=“h1” looks_like=“h3” accent=“false” class=“cs-ta-center”]About Us[/x_custom_headline]

This might not be correct syntax, but I think it’s the general idea. When I look at the new shortcodes, all it does is reference “IDS”. Is this not possible anymore to reference shortcodes like this?

I have some dynamic pages, and I need to use the shortcodes to produce the right results. But I can’t seem to generate all the right shortcodes with the new format. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    [cs_element_section _id="1"]
        [cs_element_row _id="2"]
            [cs_element_column _id="3"][cs_element_headline _id="4"][/cs_element_column]

Hi There,

Because of advance settings available on sections, rows and elements, this is not possible right now. Everything should be on the builder and not shortcode. Each of those aspect/settings available on the settings, is now associated on the ID and available on the page only. This feature will be the next phase of development. If you could check our changelog here: https://theme.co/changelog/#theme-pro-1-2-0 under FAQ > What is next for Pro and its ecosystem of builders?, a feature to save those as presets so we can reuse it anywhere between sites or pages is in the plan.

As of the moment though, you can save the content of the page as either page or block templates. That way you can insert it on another page to reuse.

Hope this helps.

Ahh yeah I can understand what your saying, but it sounds like I’m going to have to change builders. As a lot of my pages are Dynamic templates. Like so. Now this won’t be possible with PRO… sad day.

<div class="page_content">PAGE_CONTENT_VAR</div>

You still can build dynamic text using ACF Pro. See https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/integrated-plugins-acf-pro/49

If you’re looking to build complex structures and with dynamic images though, that is not possible now.

Thank you for understanding.

Yeah exactly. I have some complex structures going on. Makes me very sad that my largest site is going to have to move away from the X platform.

Thanks for clarifying.

I asked the same thing. The new elements will only be displayed on the page you used with cornerstone. I was told that it will be possible to copy-paste in future updates. My guess is that they are working on it.

Im also stuck with this like you but what I do is just used to old classic elements. Its more work, yeah but they said they will take care of it.

I am on theme x though and not pro.

Ohhh yeah. I haven’t heard about the Copy-Paste in the future updates. I guess unless I make my own cornerstone ‘elements’ perhaps. But that seems like a massive undertaking at the moment. Although moving all my stuff away from the page builder is going to be a pain as well.

Stuff to think about here.

Hello There,

Your feedback has been noted. We’ve already added copy-paste as a feature request so it can be taken into consideration for future development.

Thank you for your understanding.

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