Position Toggle Graphics Left of Text

I often use buttons, off-canvas & modal toggles with transparent backgrounds and no border to make linked text areas and use fancy transformations.

The issue I have with all of these is that they only allow the image/icon on the left and text on the right. I often want the text on the left and an arrow for example to the right of the text.

Is there an easy way to set up a style for these elements to position the image / icon to the right of text?

Thank you.

I searched for the solution using “move toggle graphic to the right” as the topic. After reading my own post above I changed the search to “move button graphic to the right” and found the solution. I’m adding the info here in case others search for a solution to move toggle image to the right or move toggle icon to the right.

Here is the answer: https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/move-the-button-graphic-to-the-right/35982/2

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Mark, glad to hear that you got the solution in forum and thanks a lot for sharing the ticket link with community members. :slight_smile:

Could you provide a link with an example of how you use this? It sounds really cool and I’d like to see it in action!

Hi Ashley,

Have you checked the link provided? My colleague have provided a step by step instructions with screenshots on how to move the button graphic.

Kindly check the link provided

Thank you.

Thanks Paul! I get the button problem, I was more wanting to see how he uses the off-canvas and modal toggles. It sounds like a creative use of them bast navigation menus and I wanted to see it in action.

Here is a draft page of a new website I am making. It’s rough, the homepage is totally not done. But you can see in the footer bar how the three contact buttons are off-canvas. I will embed forms there.

Thank you for your collaboration. If you guys are interested in sharing your experience please kindly consider using the Peer to Peer forum:

This forum is a one on one customer > staff case and is a product support forum.

Thank you all.

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