Portfolio thumbnail & article images

Hello, i have a question about portfolio.

Is it possible to insert different images for thumbnails and inside the portfolio article (the page when i click thumbnail) - please see the screenshot images.

For example of “HYUNA”, i want to keep that thumbnail images, however when i click that thumbnail, i want some other image to appear on that page (just one image so Gallery didn’t work…)

Also, what’s that custom fields able to do?

Please help!
Thank you!

Hello There,

Thanks for writing in! You can set a featured image so that the same thumbnail will display in the portfolio page. To display a different image in the portfolio item post, you will have to upload another image and find the Portfolio Item Settings and in the Media Type, select “Gallery”. It will display the gallery even if it has only one image. I edit your portfolio item and uploaded a sample photo.

To know more about portfolio items, please check this out:

Please check it now.

Hello, thanks for the reply.

I went into my portfolio HYUNA and i can see now it’s been changed.

However, i still can’t find where you uploaded another image (not the thumbnail)… where did you upload this image below?

  • Also how can i remove/change the image inside the portfolio page?

  • Can i reduce the image size that inserted portfolio page? (above image)

Thank you!

Hello There,

Thanks for updating in!

I have uploaded the image via the “Add Media” button.

To change or remove the images, you can click the “Add Media” button and the “Add Media” will display. Please go to the Media Library tab and select “Uploaded to this post” in the drop down.

Select the image you want to remove by deleting it.

You can reduce the image by uploading a smaller version of the image.

Hope this helps.

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