Portfolio Media Gallery and Image Links and order - inconsistent

My site is sarascottdesigner.com. I am using X with the Icon stack. I have 2 portfolio pages (Professional and personal) that display my work in those two categories.

  1. In each portfolio, there are portfolio items (projects) that have one image and portfolio items (projects) that have multiple images. I am using Media Type: Gallery for the projects with multiple images, which works fine. However, I am interested in each slider linking to a page/post where all images from that project are displayed, along with a description of the work. Is there a way to link the slider for a project to another page?
  2. For the projects that only have one image, I have selected Media Type: Image, and set a featured image for the portfolio item. These images default to link to a “detail” page for each portfolio item. Is there a way to disable that link functionality?
  3. The portfolio items that have multiple images (media gallery type) do not allow me to reorder to images in the gallery. I have reordered the image source tags in the text editor, but no matter how I change them, they stay in the same order. I would like to be able to put them in a logical order - is that possible? I remember reading a long time ago that they always show in the order you upload them. However, I have tried to delete then re-upload them in the correct order, but that does not work either.
    Thanks in advance!

Hi Sara,

1.) By default, when using Gallery media type, it gets the images attached to this specific portfolio items. There is no link available. It just display the image. This is possible with customization. Unfortunately, this is outside the scope of our support. I can point you though to the function that handles this part: x_featured_gallery(). We can find in on this folder: \wp-content\themes\x\framework\functions\global\featured.php. Feel free to customize it on your child theme functions.php file.

2.) and 3.) This is possible too with customization only.

My recommendation for you now is why not check either Essential Grid or The Grid.. The functions available on those two plugins are more appropriate to achieve what you want.

Hope this helps.

Thank you - I may try those plugins. Can you explain how the order of images in a portfolio item with type Media gallery is determined?

Hi there,

I think its order are by date and ID as default, but since it’s a media library then I think you can drag and drop the items to manually change its order.


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