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I hope you can help. I recently downloaded a new version on xtheme and put on the Ethos 2.

I have deleted the portfolio items and replacing them with new items.

The problem is that the first 3 items (the ones at the bottom (birds, bees, penguins) display great with the feature image centre and big leading to scroll through gallery at the side as standard. However the rest (from Baby penguins up) don’t display the gallery picture at all? All the settings are the same only the main picture doesn’t display? I have tried re-entering the material but that doesn’t do anything.

Can you help see what the problem is with Baby Penguins, Elephants, Titteration, Honeytrap, Face Off, The Huddle and Super Trooper?

I am at a loss.

Thank you! Fiona

Hi @thrivewithfiona

You just need to make sure “Image” is selected in “Media Type” as in this screenshot:

I’ve selected that for “Baby Penguins” and I can see it’s working.


Hi @Alaa

Thanks for looking and it does work to an extent.

The 3 that are working (Birds/bees/penguins) are set to ‘gallery’ and that way there is a little arrow that you can click through all the thumbnails (or images).

By changing the rest to image, they all display but you cannot scroll through them. They are just static.

Preferably I would like the former (as that looks more professional). Can you have another look? I can’t see why it would work with some and not others!

Thanks Fiona

Hi Fiona!

I took another look and the reason for this issue is that on some portfolio items there are images uploaded and attached to this post while for other items there are not.

Check this screenshot to know more about this issue:

I can’t see any other solution except re-uploading images from every portfolio post item, that way WordPress will relate the uploaded images to this specific post.


Hi, sorry to be a pain but I have deleted the portfolios items that weren’t working, reuploaded the pictures, added one and it is doing the same as before? All the pictures were in the directory (and as you can see are where they need to be in the wp uploads ftp site.

Any other ideas? I need a portfolio website! Thanks Fiona

Thanks Fiona

Also there is something weird going on.

If you look at the ‘penguin’ page, it is displaying ‘live’ the baby penguins but they are not on that portfolio item? It is just (adult) penguins. So how are the baby penguins displaying when they are not attached as images to that page?

In addition if you go onto the birds you can scroll through and then you can press a black arrow onto the next portfolio item (bees). These two display perfectly but then you cannot scroll onto the penguins or baby penguins which are the next two portfolio items? These do not display right and appear to be a bit scrambled i what it is picking up?

??? Thanks Fiona

Hello Fiona,

Thanks for updating the thread. :slight_smile:

I am able to navigate through the posts. I don’t see any issues on my end. May be you can try clearing the browser cache. You can take a look at following video screencast to upload images. Kindly don’t upload via FTP.


Hi, I am really sorry but it isn’t working!

I can see that the one you did on the video is featuring well (BTW I am not uploading the images via FTP but from the WP site upload, I just showed that to show the images are there).

I have just done ‘Titteration’ and as you will see it is not displaying properly with a feature image and scroll, they are all just down the side.

Also I did ‘Elephants’ which is working but it is missing one image of an elephant despite being on the saved portfolio item backend.

Can you look into this further? It really looks buggy. I am not getting what I need despite exactly the same settings on the page. Could it be to do with any of the category or tags?

Also the breadcrumb ‘portfolio’ is not a apparent at the top?

Thanks Fiona

Hello There,

Thanks for updating in!

1.) The button does not let you back to the portfolio page because you haven’t assign portfolio parent.

Please assign the parent portfolio page for this portfolio item. This will be used in various places throughout the theme such as your breadcrumbs. I have edited a few items and it is working right now.

2.) The breadcrumb issue is related with the #1. Once you have assign the portfolio parent, the breadcrumb will be fixed as well.

3.) Please understand that the image gallery will only display images that is uploaded and attached for the portfolio item. If you have uploaded an image from the Media library or from another post and you use it in another portfolio item, that image will not display in the gallery.

I would recommend that you review this knowledge base article: https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/meta-options-portfolio-items/145

And please al check “Post Format and Portfolio Galleries in X” to know how the galleries works: https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/features-galleries/100

Hope this helps.

Thank you. This is just what I needed. And all sorted. Best Fiona

You are welcome :slight_smile:

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