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I’ve created a portfolio item and inserted media into the post in order to create a gallery, which it did, but it also put the images into the post itself and I’d rather it not. You can see what I mean here: http://www.makemedia.us/portfolio-item/optical-patrol-logo/

How can i remove the images from the post so I can put text there and just have the images in the slider on the left?

Also, when I choose “media” as featured content, it’s not displaying anything at all on the index page. Why?

Thank you!

EDIT: I just deleted all of the images from my portfolio item, but they only disappeared from the post section. The slider is still there and I don’t know how to get rid of it. There’s a duplicate image, and none of the images are in the right order. So I was going to redo the gallery before you guys looked at it, but now I don’t even know how to change it without deleting the entire portfolio item and starting over. Please answer the questions above, but please also address this issue as well. I want to better understand how creating a portfolio item gallery works, because I have to make about a dozen more of them after this one. Thank you!!!

SECOND EDIT: I finally found the article on portfolios in the knowledge base, and I figured out how to delete images and rearrange them in the slider. So, the only issue I’m still having is that nothing is showing up as a thumbnail on the index page when I choose media.

Hi There,

Could you please also set the featured image for your portfolio items?

Let us know how it goes!

Yes, I could add a featured image, but that doesn’t answer my question or fix your theme.
Why doesn’t selecting media work as it says it’s supposed to??
It should be displaying my gallery or videos in place of a featured image.
It doesn’t work for either my galleries or my videos.
That makes me think your theme is broken…

EDIT: Yeah, as I suspected, something’s broken. I went ahead and added the featured image to my portfolio items that have galleries. When I do, whichever image that’s used for the featured image gets removed from the slider within the portfolio item. This is unacceptable. The image used for the index thumbnail needs to be within the post as well. How can this be fixed??

Hello There,

Thanks for updating in! Selecting “Media” in the featured content option does not automatically get whatever media you added in your portfolio. To know more how you can properly set up the portfolio and portfolio items in X, please review our knowledge article.

Hope this helps. Kindly let us know.

Nope. That didn’t help me at all.

First of all, I don’t understand how you can say “Selecting “Media” in the featured content option does not automatically get whatever media you added in your portfolio” when that’s EXACTLY what is says it does in the description which can be read in the screenshot I added above. If that’s not what it does, then please explain what “Select “Media” if you would like to show your video or gallery on the index page in place of the featured image.” actually means…

Secondly, I already said I read those articles in my original post. And, neither of them explain why when I add a featured image, it is then removed from my slider within my portfolio item. I need a fix for this, and I feel like that was completely ignored in my last post as RueNel didn’t address it whatsoever.

Very frustrated with how long it takes to get responses from support these days, and very frustrated with the lazy answers.

How do I add a featured image for the index page without it being removed from my portfolio gallery!?

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Case and point, it’s been over 24 hours and I still haven’t gotten a response.
It’s going on the fourth day without getting a solution to my problem.

Still waiting. Thanks.

Hi there @Zaepian,

Apologies about the delay on this. I’ve done some testing locally and have as yet been unable to replicate.

If you have a gallery setup as the portfolio option setup, then set a featured image as the same issue of one which is in the gallery it correctly displays the featured image in both the gallery and on the index in my test case. The featured image is only replaced in instances where “media” is selected in place of image. In which case, it’ll use the gallery as the main index image.

It’d be helpful if possible to have some wp-admin logins which you can supply in a secure note. I can then check the exact setup you have and see what’s happening for you.

Thank you!

Alright. Thank you for your response both here and on my other post, Jack.

I’m sure something’s not right, because selecting “media” should display my portfolio gallery or video and it doesn’t. And, when I use one of the images from my gallery as my featured image, it removes it from the gallery. For the videos, I went ahead and created screenshots that I then used for feature images. But, I need a fix for the portfolio galleries. I need the images to be featured on the index page, but also appear in the gallery.

Some of the portfolio items are still set to media, and some of them I set back to thumbnail. None of them are displaying the image in both the thumbnail and the gallery.

You can use the credentials below to check it out.
Thanks a lot!!

Hey there,

You’re using Ethos stack and it doesn’t support Media as Featured Content. It will use the Thumbnail even if you selected Media. And yes, once you set one of the image in your gallery as Featured Image, it will remove it from the gallery. That is normal behavior as I remember a lot of users wanted this. The workaround for this would be to upload the same image with a different file name.

I’m not sure if this is a bug or is intended design in Ethos. I’ll forward this to our core developers. For now, you might want to use a different Stack. I’ve tested Integrity, Renew and Icon and you can set Media as Featured Content. We’re sorry if this is not obvious in Ethos.

Thank you for understanding.