Portfolio Issue category not showing or loading

Hello I am trying to embed the portfolio by category and it isn’t really working. One is that it only shows a couple of each even though I have the setting max at 20, two, it isn’t showing my category “temple” no matter how many times I add it.

I could also just scrap this and embed the entire portfolio - but when I put in the shortcode [portfolio] nothing happens. Please see this page:


Hi There,

Thanks for posting in! I can see that you are using the recent posts shortcode to display the portfolio items. Please be advised that this shortcode will only display up to 4 items. If you want to display more, you will have to insert an additional shorcode and add the offset option. I would suggest that you edit the page and removed your text element with the shortcode. Please make use of the recent post element directly. And in the settings, you can make use of this settings:

  • select the portfolio as post type,
  • display up to 4 items
  • insert the desire category to display items related only to the given category

And if you will need to display 8 or 12 items, you will have to insert two more recent posts element. In the second and the third element, you will have to add an offset of 4 and 8 respectively to ensure that there are now duplicate items displayed.

If you wouldn’t mind, please provide us access to the site and we can created a sample page for you if nothing is working with my suggestion above.

Hope this helps. Please let us know how it goes.

Hi RueNel I don’t understand how to do this can you please just send me the shortcode how it should look? Also, how can I send site access so it is private?

Also nothing will show for buddhist temple category. I tried buddhist-temple and did not work. Then, I tried just changing the category to one word “temple” still not showing up. And, in fact, it deletes itself after I have installed the code up to ten times.

Hi There,

I have added an example by updating your page (see secure note). Hope you can follow along.


Thanks this worked - how do I get rid of the Date on each description? Also, is there a way to add further details to each one like Capacity or Cost? Maybe with Tags? Thanks!

Hi There,

To remove the date, you can add the following CSS rule into your Theme Options > Global CSS area or your page’s custom CSS area.

article.x-portfolio .x-recent-posts-date {
    display: none;

To add more information to the recent post shortcode, you will need to customize it’s functionality which would be outside scope of the support. However if needed, we can show you the related X theme function that outputs recent posts.


Thank you, please share the related X Theme function

The function can be found in recent-posts.php located in cornerstone\includes\shortcodes.

I would recommend that you use Essential Grid or The Grid if you wish to display additional information though.


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