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I have loaded my theme - Integrity 7 - and I am wanting to make my front page a portfolio page.
I have managed to set my portfolio to my front page but now I am needing some assistance around customising my portfolio page.

I am wanting to set the portfolio images as different sizes and make the titles as rollovers on each image.
Could anyone point me in the right directions of simple tutorials to follow?

Thanks so much in advance

Hi There,

Thank you for writing in, if that is the case please create your custom portfolio home page instead. Then utilise either the The Grid or Essential Grid extension for adding a grid layout portfolio item list. This way you get the privilege to edit the page in Cornerstone and to style your portfolio grid.

You can install the extensions under X > Validation > Extensions.

Hope it helps,

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.

So how do I create a custom portfolio home page? How is that different from the portfolio page I have already created as my front page?

I will get the extensions; after they have been activated how do I utilise them through cornerstone?

Thanks again

Hi There,

You said I have managed to set my portfolio to my front page, so I assume your current homepage is using the Layout - Portfolio template and is populated by portfolio posts automatically.

So change that template to Blank - No Container | Header, Footer and then layout/design this homepage as you like in Cornerstone. Then have a section in there where you place the The Grid element or Essential Grid element (whichever extension you use)

You’ll get a corresponding grid element whichever extension you use, so it is going to be easy to put your portfolio grid on the page.


It’s the how to create the portfolio grid you need to work on, please refer to the documentation that I provided above.

Hope this sheds some lights,

Thanks heaps; will give it a go tonight and see how I get on!

You’re welcome, let us know how it goes,

Hi! Me again! So I’ve changed the layout type and added the extension Essential Grid.
In cornerstone I dragged across the element ‘Classic Essential Grid’ - it said that no preview was available on the website side. In the left side column, there is a section that says select grid - and there are no grids to select…what have I missed? Also just confirming I can change the sizing of individual images within the grid with these extensions?

Thanks again so much : )

FYI I just activated The Grid extension also and the same thing - it says i can’t see a preview through cornerstone

Hey @SecureSpot,

There is no preview for the 3rd party plugins anymore. Please read this for more information.

Regarding the Essential Grid issue, please ensure everything is update to date according to our Version Compatibility list. If the issue persists, please give us a screenshot and access to your WordPress admin in a Secure Note so we could check what’s going on.


Thanks for your help

You’re welcome.

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