Portfolio disappeared from dashboard

Hi, after updating xtheme the portfolio page just disappeared from the dashboard.
I’ll give you login credential in a secure note, can you please check?

Hi Valentina,

I checked and can see you have incompatible version of the theme and cornerstone.
You have x-v6_5_6 and cornerstone-v3_4_0.
Kindly update your cornerstone plugin to version Cornerstone 3.5.5


Hi, I would like to, but I’m not allowed anymore.
It says it can’t copy some file due to inconsistency of files permission.
It never said it before so don’t know what to do!

Hi @Kelyan,

You can try updating manually using FTP.

Please follow the steps in the manual updates section on the link below

I would also suggest contacting your host regarding this so they can fix the file permission error for you.


It worked! Yay, portfolio is back :wink:

Glad this is now sorted out Valentina!


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