Portfolio Detail


Im trying to provide more information/detail on my portfolio items, such as a specified date, title, topic, author of item, summary etc. Please see link below showing example


My website is on the following address


Please can you advise how I should go about doing this

Many Thanks


Hello There,

Thanks for writing in! Because what you are trying to accomplish requires a template customization, we would highly to suggest that you use a child theme. This allows you to make code changes that won’t be overwritten when an X update is released. After your child theme is setup, please review how we recommend making template changes in Customization Best Practices.

Once you have your child theme active and ready, please follow the following steps below:
1] Using Notepad or TextEdit or Sublime Text or any text editor, please create a new file in your local machine.
2] Insert the following code into that new file


// =============================================================================
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Portfolio post output for Integrity.
// =============================================================================

$archive_share = x_get_option( 'x_integrity_portfolio_archive_post_sharing_enable' );


<article id="post-<?php the_ID(); ?>" <?php post_class(); ?>>
  <div class="entry-featured">
    <?php x_portfolio_item_featured_content(); ?>
  <div class="entry-wrap cf">

    <?php if ( x_is_portfolio_item() ) : ?>

      <div class="entry-info">
        <header class="entry-header">
          <h1 class="entry-title entry-title-portfolio"><?php the_title(); ?></h1>
          <?php x_integrity_entry_meta(); ?>
        <?php x_get_view( 'global', '_content', 'the-content' ); ?>
      <div class="entry-extra">
        <?php x_portfolio_item_tags(); ?>
        <?php x_portfolio_item_project_link(); ?>
        <?php x_portfolio_item_social(); ?>

    <?php else : ?>

      <header class="entry-header">
        <h2 class="entry-title entry-title-portfolio">
          <a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>" title="<?php echo esc_attr( sprintf( __( 'Permalink to: "%s"', '__x__' ), the_title_attribute( 'echo=0' ) ) ); ?>"><?php x_the_alternate_title(); ?></a>

        <?php x_integrity_entry_meta(); ?>
        <?php if ( $archive_share == '1' ) : ?>
          <?php x_portfolio_item_social(); ?>
        <?php endif; ?>

    <?php endif; ?>


3] Save the file named as content-portfolio.php
4] Upload this file to your server in the child theme’s folder /wp-content/themes/x-child/framework/views/integrity/

We would loved to know if this has work for you. Thank you.

Hi RueNel

Thanks for getting back in touch. Your guidance to creating a child theme was super easy and much appreciated. However this does not quite address my request.

When I create a post I want to be able to enter custom information such as:
Speaker: xxxxx
Date: xxxx (Which may be different from the posted date)
Topic: xxxx
Passage: xxxx
Series: xxxxx

Look forward to hearing your response.



Hi again,

Thank you for the update. This could be possible with custom development but that is outside the scope of our support.

With that being said I can point you in the right direction, you can look for WordPress custom fields that might be helpful in your case please see here https://codex.wordpress.org/Custom_Fields we also have an integrated plugin ACF Pro see here https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/integrated-plugins-acf-pro/49

For it’s documentation please see https://www.advancedcustomfields.com/resources/

Thank you for your understanding!