Plugins indicates that I need to update four, but I cannot find these four plugins

Hello. I have updated the theme and my nearly all of plugins on my staging site, yet the plugins link in my WordPress back-end still indicates that I need to update four plugins (screenshot). But I have updated all of my plugins except one (screenshots). Why is there this discrepancy?

I am using a caching plugin, and I have ensured that the page cache is empty.


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Sorry, can you first tell me if posting here will be private (between you and I only)? If not, how do I send secure information to you in this channel?

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OK I sent the login details as a secure note. Are you able to see them?

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Hey @cagross,

Hope you are doing great :slight_smile:
Currently Plugins menu shows 6 count for updates while there are update available for 3 plugins.
So I investigated further and found that there are total 6 plugins update available.

If you browse to Dashboard >> Updates, you will be able to see that there are other premium plugin updates available.

This available updates are not being shown in plugins page.


OK thanks for that–I now see those premium plugins.

But what about the Visual Composer update. Why does it read, “Automatic update is unavailable for this plugin?” Shouldn’t automatic updates be available for this plugin, since it is bundled with the theme? Last week I was able to update all other theme plugins automatically. In fact, a few days ago I even updated Visual Composer with an automatic update. So why can I now not do the same?


Hey @cagross,

Visual Composer is a bundled plugins so you won’t get automatic update for that. Please follow the article it will clear your all doubts about Visual Composer update :


Visual Composer is a bundled plugins so you won’t get automatic update for that.

I seem to remember updating this plugin on my website last week by means of an automatic update link. Perhaps I was mistaken?

OK so if there are no automatic updates for VC, how does it get updated on my site?



Hi Carl,

Yes, you are correct, you should be able to update this plugin via automatic updates.

But kindly take note of the latest supported version.

When these bundled plugins release a new version we need to do some compatibility testing first before we can add it in our system and push the new version to automatic updates. It could take days or weeks until it’s available.


OK I understand now. I will await the update from Theme Co. We can consider this issue resolved.

Thank you!

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