PLEASE HELP Plugins not updating

after a lot of back and forth i finally got Xtheme to validate. Now a few of my plugins need to update but it says no automatic updates. but now things on my site are broken because of it. i tried to manually update cornerstone but it did nothing. Cornerstone and slider revolution i need back running ASAP! Please help i cant stress how soon i need this fixed!

Hello @VeritasMarketing,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

I see that you have Cornerstone 1.2.4 installed on the website. I can’t proceed to update plugins on your website as we are not supposed to fiddle with core working of customer website on a live environment.

It’s mentioned in the ticket that you have tried to update manually. But I request you to please try out following solution. First, please delete Cornerstone completely from Plugins > Installed Plugins > Deactivate Cornerstone and then delete. Try logging to FTP and under /wp-content/plugins/ delete Cornerstone directory. After that please visit X > Validation and should install latest version of Cornerstone automatically.

If you face issues, please share FTP details in a secure note with us as well and kindly give us the permission to make necessary changes on the website.

Kindly let us know how it goes.


Ok this worked, but my main slider is still missing from the site.

it works on mobile, and when i try to edit it in cornerstone it is there, but when i view the website live its missing please help ASAP!

Sorry for all the messages, i just figured out it works when its not at full width. but when i make my browser window bigger it disappears.

wow after a lot of trouble shooting for the last few hours i fixed it.

Hi There,

Glad you sorted things out, would you mind sharing what was the issue and how did you fixed it? I’m sure it will help user that finds your thread looking for an answer for the same issue.

Have a nice day,

i think it was that the slider revolution plug in is set up in cornerstone different then when i first made the site years ago. though now that its working i have a gap above the slider on mobile. any idea about that? when i remove the box above it in cornerstone it disappears again.

Also i figured out with the not validating my license, there was similar code in cornerstone as in X theme. and they were conflicting. so i had to deactivate cornerstone to validate X. problem is when i navigate from the plugins page cornerstone would reactivate. so i had to open in 2 windows, deactivate cornerstone then validate my license in the other window.

Glad to hear you got it sorted and thanks for sharing how you sorted it.

Have a nice weekend!

i still need help! like i said above, i still have a gap above my slider on mobile and cant get rid of it without the whole thing disappearing.

Hello @VeritasMarketing,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

Upon checking the website I see a empty column that’s causing the problem. Please remove that and the spacing should get removed.


i did this, and then the slider disappears on full size but works on mobile.

Hello There,

I could no longer replicate the issue. This is how I see your site in smaller screen.

By the way, please check out how you can integrate a slider to a page in X/Pro theme. You can check it here:

Hope this helps.

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