Place accordion inside Tabs


I absolute love the new V2 Accordion element in favor of the V1 accordion.
The V1 had a shortcode, which could be used to display a accordion inside a Tabs element.
How should I achieve this with the V2 accordion?

Hi there,

Thanks for writing in! You can do this with Global Blocks. Create a Global Block of accordion, copy it’s shortcode and paste inside the Tab element and that should work.

To learn more about Global Blocks, please see


That’s a great suggestion, thanks.
I was actually looking for a way to use the shortcode in my child-theme because I’m creating the accordion items dynamically. With the V1 accordion that’s easy using ‘do_shortcode()’.
How would one achieve that with the V2 accordion?

Hi There,

Because V2 elements don’t have shortcodes, you won’t be able to directly place them inside of a Tab’s content. It’s a bit of a workaround, but you could use the new Global Blocks feature to setup your accordions. Each Global Block has it’s own shortcode which can be placed in a tab.


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