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My pictures aren’t lining up with the columns properly. How can I align them with the text? There seems to be no alignment setting for them.

Thank you!

Hi @addabble,

Thanks for reaching out.

You only set your headline max width to 26rem while the image remains on wider width. For that, I recommend creating your content through global block. Please check this https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/global-blocks/24723

Then make sure to set the section or row’s max-width to 26rem, this will equalize the width for both image and text. Then simply add the global block element to each column.


I did that and it made the columns thinner and stacked. What else can I try?

Hi @addabble,

Please remove the max-width of your text elements, then add the padding instead.

For example:

  • Add left & right padding 13em to the text elements.
  • Add the left margin of images to 13em.

Let us know how it goes!

That helped with the picture alignment, but now the text container width doesn’t match the rest of the page. How can I make them the same width they previously were?

Hello @addabble,

Please do no use calculated padding.
Use 13em as indicated by Thai. You must use either em, rem or px.

Please let us know how it goes.

I understand, I followed the directions exactly, and now it’s set to 0.5em, which I didn’t do. This is incredibly confusing. Can you please review and let me know?

Thank you.

Hello @addabble,

I went ahead and resolved the issue. Here are the things I did:

  • I temporarily disabled the WP Fastest Cache plugin. Caching is best to turn on when you are done building your site.
  • I remove the background colors of the rows.
  • I remove the background upper layer and inserted it in the background lower layer instead.
  • I added a transparent white background color in your background upper layer.
  • And then added some paddings to the columns of at least 2em only.

Please check your site now.

It looks great! Thank you for your help. :grin:

You’re welcome!
We’re glad we were able to help you out.

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