PHP Query Inside Column Shortcode

Hi there,

Is there anyway to place the following php:

			// vars	
			$features = get_field('room_features');
			// check
			if( $features ): ?>
			<ul class="x-ul-icons">
				<?php foreach( $features as $features ): ?>
					<li class="x-li-icon"><i style=”font-size:34px;" class="x-check-square"  data-x-icon="" aria-hidden="true"></i> <?php echo $features; ?></li>
				<?php endforeach; ?>
		<?php endif; ?>

Within a [cs_column][/cs_column]

All elements above the are already using the <?php echo do_shortcode(' '); ?>

Here is the page in question -


Unfortunately, is not possible to add a PHP code to a specific page with the cornerstone, but you can transform this code in a shortcode and add it using the RAW content. But you can create a custom element with this code following this article: