Page will not open

I have been trying to edit this page but cannot get it to open in cornerstone, can you try to open it. It is a big page with over 10,000 words. Cant afford to loose it has taken months of work.

Hi @waynepatt58,

It seems that the big nature of the page in question causes the browser to be unresponsive. We strongly recommend that you change your way of thinking for that page and split it to several pages so that you can have a better handling of the data and Javascript code in the browser.

At the time being, I suggest that you check the website with another machine that has a better memory and faster CPU so that the browser can allocate more memory to show stuff. Then use the Template Manager features to sort of select the section you want to move and add a template for them and add several pages with portions of the sections to split them up.

Thank you.

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