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hello, my homepage is a one page scrolling categories page, and when my customers go to an inner page then when they want to go back to menu it goes to homepage and start loading the page from the top where there is the entrance video, is there a way to load the page from the scroll down point when the menu is clicked? so when people click the menu it wont load the homepage from the top video page?

Hi angelofgod,

Ideally, when someone hits one of your pages links with #About at the end for example

He should be redirected to the homepage then after the homepage loads its content he will be moved directly to #About section, that’s the default behaviour and unfortunately, there is no tweak that can prevent the top of the page from being loaded and direct the user to the middle/bottom of the page.

However, while exploring your website homepage I noticed that even if the user entered in the browser address bar and hit enter, he won’t be redirected to the desired #About section because the browser strips off About part, most probably there is a plugin conflict on your website causing this issue, so here you are my recommendation:

  • Disable all installed plugins -temporarily- either from the dashboard or by installing “Health Check” plugin and enabling the troubleshooting mode, I recommend the latter because it will only affect your logged in session not anyone else on your website “very safe for a live website”. If everything went okay, then you can enable the plugins again one by one till you find the culprit.

  • Clear cache from your website in case you are using a caching plugin, or from your CDN provider “like Cloudflare” in case you are using any.


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i have tested the link and it worked for me it just takes time to load.
Update: ok i have did what you told me the issues is fixed, it was delaying because of “Page scroll to id” plugin, thanks alot!
but there is one more problem, the going to anchor is not animated of rolling,
i want the anchor to be animated like in this xtheme demo page
i am talking about smooth scrolling code, perhaps js or jquerry

Hi there,

The One Page Navigation functionality of the theme works if you use the original menu of the theme and you follow the instructions below:

But apparently, you used the UberMenu and it will not work with that. I did the search about the case and it seems that Ubermenu also supports the functionality but you need to set as follows:

Thank you.

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thanks but i dont need this function to work only on the menu i need this to work on every #anchor links that i have, not only in the menu, isnt any of a jquerry code for that?

Hi There,

It should work for every anchor link if there is no conflict of any plugin or script.
Please try adding the link to any anchor link as @Alaa suggested above, hope this works.



No it doesnt work on every anchor link, i have links on the pages not in the ubermenu, isnt there any code that can smooth scroll on anchor links? i dont have links only at the ubermenu. i have links on the page in pictures as well

Hi there,

It’s not possible as it could cause more issues as links are being used by other plugins and features too. And it may not work too depending the javascript event priorities which could be affected by event bubbling.

Hence, it should be implemented to specific element and areas only. In that case, you should implement it to picture links only.


thanks and how exacly do i implement it to picture links?

Hey @angelofgod,

I’ve read the whole thread and it it’s a bit confusing so let us first go back to the point where @Alaa first explained the situation and you said it was fixed but there’s one problem which is

Smooth scrolling in our demo is powered by the One Page Navigation feature. It’s function is to smooth scroll on a section after clicking a menu. If you notice closely, it does not attach the hash (i.e. #About) to the URL. In summary, it is powered by the click and not entering the URL with hash in the address bar which is what you need.

Now, entering the URL with hash in the address bar like won’t animate like what you have experienced. That is the default behavior. There is currently no function in X that will animate the scrolling from the URL. In addition to that, you will take into account the sticky navbar.

There is a jQuery solution for that but, you or a developer should implement it in your site. I will give you some resource but, please note that issues that will arise from the use of the guide and further enhancements would be outside the scope of our support because as I’ve said above, it’s not a feature offered in X yet and it might break some functionality now or in the future.

Here are some links that might solve your problem:

Thank you for understanding.

hi there,

“Smooth scrolling in our demo is powered by the One Page Navigation feature.”

What exacly is the “One Page Navigation feature” how can i activate this as well on my website?

also according to the code in this link

i guess that this code is not ment to just copy and past it. some text there should be changed to the hashurl of my website no? if so then which text do i need to replace please help, because i have picture links not only menu links

Hey @angelofgod,

The One Page Navigation feature is only available for the page post type.

What it does is it smooth scrolls to the section and takes into account the height of the sticky bar.

That is not available anywhere else. It is only available for Pages if you enable it in your Page Settings.

For sitewide implementation, you will need custom code like that one you posted. Looking at the code, it does not have specific classes so you can copy and paste it. I’m not guaranteeing it would work though as I’ve not tested it and issues arising from the use of the is outside the scope of our support.


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ok thanks , one more question, where exacly do i need to implement that code? functions.php?


Are you referring to this code?

You can add it in Theme Options > JS


have you made any changes inside the website?
it seems that the banner section is going under nav menu, something messed up there >>

Hey @angelofgod,

We have not changed anything except for the custom JS I removed from your home page because it causes errors. Please check your other thread.


ok thank you

You’re welcome!

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