Page/Item width and backgrounds

Love the theme!! 2 quick questions…

  1. If you look at my site you’ll see that some of my elements do fill the width of page. the top element “Video” sits in the middle of page. How do I change it to where it has no extra space on the sides?

  2. Same site. You’ll also notice gaps/white space above and beneath each section. How do I change the background to where it doesn’t look so spaced? Maybe the “one page” style with the rolling background. Or at least something where it doesn’t look so gapped and spaced.

I appreciate all the great support you offer. Thanks!!

Hi There,

Please find my answer to your each point.

  1. Please make the container row to inner container off.
    it will remove the space from both side.

  2. Same you can adjust the section padding to remove the space above and below.

Hope this helps!



Thanks for the help. It helps a lot.
What about having the pics in the background when I scroll?


To achieve that, you can enable parallax to your background.

For more information kindly refer to the link below.


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