Page Built Using Pro for Post Template

Is it possible to use Pro to create a post template? I want to use elements I have used through the rest of my site for the header area and breadcrumbs. Something similar to what I believe Gutenberg is?

Here is a post right now:

Here is what I need to get it to (see attached-- sorry for the highlights, it is a mockup).

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As of now, little confuse of what are you trying to achieve. Check the links below for related thread for Custom Post Template

Hope it helps.

Let us know how it goes.


That was great, thanks Nico.

As you can see here I have managed to use Pro to style the page:

I am struggling to make the page full-width like the other Pro pages I have built. I have looked at the html and can’t seem to figure out where the extra padding is coming from.

I am looking to have that image be full-width, from edge to edge.

Any ideas on your end? Thanks again.

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Can you please change the page template to Blank no container /header and footer.

If you have already had the page template selected. then change the row set to no container.


For the post backend, even with Pro/Cornerstone enabled, I am not able to see the Page Template section.

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And sorry for the confusion, Post doesn’t have a template change option. You have to consider custom CSS to make it full width.

Please add this CSS to your theme option-> global CSS

.x-container.max {
max-width: 100% !important;

Hope this helps!

No luck with that unfortunately. When we do find a way to get it to work I would also like it to only apply to Posts. Any other ideas potentially?

Hi @thalff

I’m sure this should work in your case:

.single-post .x-container.max {
    width: 100%;

.single-post .entry-wrap {
    padding: 0;


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