Open Popup from shape in Slider Revolution static layer


Need some help figuring out how to link a shape on a static layer in Slider Revolution to open popup on hover.
I was able to have the popup open from the text, but client wants the entire column to open the popup on hover :frowning:
Popup was created with Convert Plus and I assigned a class (launcher)

This is the code I have on the title:
[button class=“launcher” type=“transparent” shape=“square” size=“jumbo” href="#example" title=“INDUSTRIES WE SERVE”]INDUSTRIES WE SERVE > [/button]

It works.

Can’t figure out how to have the same thing happen from the shape underneath instead of from the text.
(Industries We Serve / Our Expertise)

Help much appreciated.

Hi there,

Thanks for writing around! Try this method, give your shape two classes, one class of the popup you want to show for example launcher (to open up INDUSTRIES WE SERVE popup) and one class to target the element on hover e.g popup-launcher

Then add the following code in the Theme Options > JS:


This will open up the popup on hover. If you only need to open the popup on click then giving the popup class e.g launcher would be enough.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks so much.
Still on learning curve with Slider Revolution
I entered the second class under “wrapper class” for the shape element and it seems to work.
Hopefully that’s what you meant :smile:

Well, I am not sure if my colleague meant that, but as it worked it seems that you did the right thing :slight_smile:

I suggest that you bookmark this page as it shows all the knowledgebase articles listed.

Thank you.

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Yes, bookmarked. I have a very long list of bookmarks and I have to say your support is pretty awesome!:heart_eyes:

Thank you for your kind words and glad that we could be of a help :slight_smile:

Aargh! Not sure what I’m doing wrong, but can’t get the second popup (Services) to open.
Also, first one not opening on hover.


You forgot to change the class in your Convertplus Services Modal Launch With CSS Class

I went ahead and change the class from launcher to launcher2 , the same class as your Services button.


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Thank you!

Hi @wtdm,

Let us know how it goes.


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It went well.
Both shapes go to their respective popups.:thumbsup:

You’re welcome. Glad we could help.

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