One Size for all promo boxes

Greetings. I would like all promo boxes to be same width and height - See “Practice Area” sections of main page -

I have searched the forum the tried a few fixes but they did not work.



Hi there,

Thanks for writing in! Please follow this tutorial, since you’re using promo element so x-column will be replaced by x-promo in the code so you should have something like this in the end result:

jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
	var max = 0;
	$(".equal-height .x-promo").each(function(index, el) {
		if( $(this).height() > max ){
			max = $(this).height();
	$(".equal-height .x-promo").css('height', max);

As you see this requires custom coding and the code provided above serves as a guide only and is to help you in getting started so implementing it and maintaining the code will be out of our support scope and for further maintenance for new possible versions of the theme that may cause the customization to break, you will need to hire a developer.


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