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I have my main website (integrity based as main stack).

But I want to create a sort of one page website in its own right on my main domain URL to promote a conference, using a page layout similar to your integrity1 home page.

That means on this page I need to remove my header and menu and footer and create small navigation line menu with (agenda, speakers, prices).

So the main

I created a slider revolution slide (single image), and placed that above the masthead. That shows fine, but so does my header.

How do I remove the normal header and menu and replace a one page conference menu?

Hello There,

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For example the page is “Conference”, please edit the page and change the page template. You can use the Blank - Container | No Header, No Footer or the Blank - No Container | No Header, No Footer page templates. To know more about the page templates, please check this out:

And to know more how you can make use of the one page navigation, please check this out:

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the reply RueNel,

I am not sure if I am explaining what I want clearly. On one single page of my site, I wanted to create a top slider and a sticky menu like -

But with a one page navigation rather than the normal navigation menu. Is that possible?


  • I simply create a brand new header and assign it to that one single page. Genius… so simple I missed it!!!

Hi @ocduk,

Glad it’s okay now, yes, you’ll just need to assign it since it’s not global.


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