One page navigation won't activate

hi there,
I am trying to build a site with one page navigation but I can’t access the option; it always says it’s deactivated




I would like to check but your site seems to be down at the moment

Can you check with host and let us know.

For the mean time, please review the link below


mmm I’m working on it as we speak.
I read the post but it’s actually the option of activating one-page navigation that won’t let me choose to activate, both in cornerstone and in the standard Wordpress editor…


I still can’t access your site.

Maybe there is IP restriction set in your server?
Do you mind deactivating it for a while so we can check.


does it work now?


It’s still down.

I’m really sorry but with that link it shows the site is up for me, also using Pingdom tools its fine… I haven’t setup any filters or anything, it’s actually just got x installed and no more plugins…
I’m trying to get an answer from my hosting company

Hi Fab,

It’s now up and I’m able to access it, but trying to access the login area display this

Acceso bloqueado por seguridad. Rogamos contacte con su proveedor de hosting // Access denied by security. Please contact your hosting provider

Please deactivate the security temporarily as we could only check the issue by logging in.


hey, should be sorted now. Support disabled the IP blocking…


You cannot access your menu because it was empty.

I added one menu item and your menu is now showing up for onepage navigation.

Please check video below

Hope that helps

OMG it was that easy… really sorry for wasting your time!

Thanks a lot!

Glad we were able to help :slight_smile:

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