One page navigation without Cornerstone

Hello most supportive team ever,

I would like to create a one page navigation page without using cornerstone.

  • because its so much easier to just copy past my content from the already created single pages that I would like to merge,
  • also I feel like cornerstone slows down loading time somewhat? and not really necessary for a very simple pic text page

How do I do it?
Thank you in advance!

Hey @mikireimann,

You may create a one page navigation you just have to make sure to assign unique IDs to the section/div and assign a menu to that page using the One Page Navigation setting of the page.

Please check this KB article for more info:

Hope this helps.

Thank you for the quick answer. I found this article as well, and I have created one pagers with Cornerstone before.

My question was, is there a way to create a One Page Navigation without Cornerstone? just from the WP dashboard?

Hey @mikireimann,

Sure. If you go over the link previously provided, it will show that you can make use of html codes and assign and ID to the divs or section that you have.

So if you are using custom HTML codes in the default Wordpress editor, you can have something like:

<div id="about_us">......</div>

In that div, the ID about_us is assigned to the div so in the menu link, you can have #about_us as the link to the custom link menu item.

Please let us know if anything is still not clear.


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