One Page Navigation + Hero Header + Sticky menu


I need to make a one page navigation website with the hero header and a sticky menu when I scroll the page down, that is possible?

Second question... Can I use SVG logo?


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Thanks for writing in! Yes you can. Please check out these helpful knowledge base articles

To have a sticky menu:
- you will have to set your navbar as Fixed top. You can find this setting in X > launch > options > Header and set the "Navbar Position" to Fixed Top.

To have one page navigation:

The hero header can be set up using the Revolution slider. Once you have created the slider, you can assign the slider in the above or below your navbar. Please check out this link for using the sliders in the navbar.

Hope this helps.

How do you setup one page navigation on Pro?

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You need to add ID to each targeted section, for example

Id : my-section-1

And link your navbar custom links to #my-section-1

Hope it helps

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