One page menu scroll smooth, but the other just jump and other page menu issue

as the tittle,

i have followed many tutorial regarding this, one menu scroll smoothly, but the other just jump,
can you help me identify this issue.

also, following the same issue i have setup different page for the shop, but the main page menu still exist, which makes it not relevant. how to dynamicaly switch over to different menu on different page?


Hi there,

Thanks for writing around! I checked your page and I see there are spaces in your IDs which is incorrect, please remove spaces from the IDs to fix the issue, for example ID About Bluebear should be AboutBluebear. Please review all other IDs and remove spaces from them.

In X you can switch menus using One Page Navigation feature

Hope this helps!

that works out really well,


You’re more than welcome, glad we could help.


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