One page menu in pro


I did some research in the topics but could not find the right answer. I used to make some website with a one page menu in theme x and also one in theme pro after i started in x.
Now I started in pro and followed the same steps (putting the sections in the menu, etc), but it does not work, can you help me?

Regards, Astrid

Hi Astrid,

I can see you do have multiple license for Pro. Would you mind giving us the URL where you do have issues? Please also clarify what steps have you done and which part is not working. This will help us understand the situation. Thank you.

I put this in the menu url: #x-section-1

And in ‘customize > class’ in the matching section: x-section-1

Hey @lumijans,

You need to setup the ID and not the Class. For more details, please see

Hope that helps.

Thanks a lot, it works now.
kind regards

You’re always welcome @lumijans!


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