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We have a few websites we did with X before Cornerstone came out. We just used the x code…
[content_band padding_top=“0px” padding_bottom=“0px” border=“none”][container class=“homeBox”]
etc… (not VisualComposer)

So, now… with all the new updates to X, we have 4.6.4 installed, but I’m afraid to update to the newest version since I’m scared it’ll break the site. What to do? Can I update? Or do these sites need to be completely redone? Thanks for your help.

Hi there,

You should be able to update fine from X 4 to X 5.

But I suggest that you set up a staging site which is a copy of your live site and do the update from there first so that your live site will not be disrupted in case you get some issue when you update.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks. I’ll try that.

Ok then, let us know how this goes. For more guidance, please do check our knowledge base.

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