Odd raw content problem

Hi Apex - could you take a look at this page - notice there are three video image-links (in the first column) where there should be one - only one is visible in Cornerstone:


The password for viewing this page is “namaste”

I can’t find a way to select raw content items when they contain a link for a video lightbox - the video just launches. I was trying to duplicate this one and it showed blank content boxes, which then disappeared. I need to delete the 2 extra content boxes in the first column.

Hi @mcphoto,

You can make use of the Skeleton Mode for this so that you will be able to access the elements and delete them.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, never noticed that button before!
Also, while you’re looking - there’s a bunch of padding or margin at the top of each column (above the headlines) I can’t get rid of - am I missing a control somewhere?

Hello @mcphoto,

By default, the headline element has a default top and bottom margin. To know how you can get rid or reduce the margins, please check this out:

Hope this helps. Please let us know how it goes.

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