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I was trying to modify the “Nothing to Show Right Now” page and I found and old guide saying that:

you have to go to your x parent theme /wp-content/themes/x/ and in there go to /framework/views/global/_content-none.php and copy that file and then go into your child theme folder and recreate the path so create a folder called /frameworks/ then a folder names /views/ inside the frameworks folder and then inside the views folder a folder called /global/ in that global folder you paste _content-none.php and then you edit that file you copied in there.

Now, the main problem is that by default the “Nothing to Show Right Now” page calls for the default stack header and not one created with Pro.

My question is, given that i cannot set a custom header as global (as I have more than 1 custom header), is there a way to call for a custom header (maybe customizing the _content-none.php template?) inside that specific page?

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Hi Fabio,

Thank you for writing in, that instruction for editing “Nothing to Show Right Now” page (_content-none.php) should work.

Yes you can, you can make a custom Header Global.

Pro - Header and Footer Builder Introduction

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No i can not set a global header as I have more than 1 custom header assigned to different pages,

Anyway for everyone interested I found a guide for override the Pro Theme header assignment for specific pages and conditions that you can find HERE

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Hi Fabio,

You could have a Global Header and still have the other headers assign on specific pages.

Glad you sorted things out.


Really! You are right @friech I just tried and it wporked. Sorry for the useless topic, the last time I tried doing that the global header was overriding every other one.

Have a nice weekend!

Thanks. You have a nice weekend, too!

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