Not found on this server error message

When trying to edit the Theme Options in Pro, I receive this error message: “The requested URL /pro/ was not found on this server.”

I found another thread discussing this issue and the advice was to change the Permalinks, which I’ve done, changed back, and changed again, saving each time. It doesn’t seem the permalinks are the issue.

Could it be the environment? It’s on WP Engine, which I’ve never used before. Could that be the cause?

Hello @stuartrowens,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

I checked the URL you have shared but I am getting following error message:

This page isn’t working redirected you too many times.

Regarding the problem you are facing, please try and reset your htaccess file by renaming it to .htaccess-bak. Then in WP Admin Menu, go to Settings > Permalinks and just click the Save Changes button.

Please try following solutions aswell:

  1. Please make sure that you are using latest version of Pro Theme 2.2.5.
  2. Test for a plugin conflict. You can do this by deactivating all third-party plugins, and see if the problem remains. If it’s fixed, you’ll know a plugin caused the problem, and you can narrow down which one by reactivating them one at a time.

If you still have problems kindly get back to us with the result of the steps above and URL/User/Pass of your WordPress dashboard using the Secure Note functionality of the post to follow up the case.


Changing the htaccess file solved the problem. Thanks!

Glad you were able to resolve it :slight_smile:

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