Not able to use slider from Pro page setings

If I go to edit a page in pro and go to ‘page settings’ to try and add a slider it says ‘deactivated’.

So if I check the Pro validation page to look at the list of plugins it says that ‘revolution slider’ is installed and activated. In ‘plugins’ > ‘installed plugins’ “Layerslider WP” says that licence activation is required.

Which of these to I need to fix to use a slider? And why does it not work?

Ahh - I think you need to create a slider first - the deactivated message is a bit misleading but I think it’s working.

Hello There,

Thanks for writing in! Yes you need to create a slider first. Deactivate mean that you are not assigning any sliders in the slider settings area. For more details about how you can use the sliders, please check this out:

Hope this helps.

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