Non-landing page menu url issue

Hi guys, my landing page nav menu is working fine, however i have just relised that if i go to another page which uses the non-landing page menu, the url links back to my home page are not working or populating with another url.
Eg,( ) works on main/home pageā€¦ but if i was on say page: epoxygroutpro dot com dot au /balcony-resealing-epoxy-regrouting/
and hover the link top nav link Shower Repair Cost you will notice the link is pointing to
what or where am i going wrong?
screenshot below, showing hover over nav

Hi @tmoreland27,

You used the one-page navigation for your menu and it is not possible to have additional pages for that. You need to use the method mentioned here.

So you will have a menu which contains the one-page navigation for the homepage. But for the other pages, you need to have another menu which will not have the One Page navigation and only simply goes to the homepage.

Thank you.

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