No alt text hover effect on my WooCommerce images

Hi guys,

I wonder why I don’t see an alt text when hovering over the product images in my WooCommerce webshop

Thanks in advance.
Ton in 't Veld

Hi Ton,

Thanks for writing in.

I checked your content and looks like you manually added them, please add a title attribute to your links. Like this

<a href="" title="this will pop upon hover"><img></a>


Hi Rad,

Thanks. But product images in WooCommerce have no links.


Would you please give us the exact URL of the page that you are checking?

Also, I see that you are using an old version fo the Cornerstone which is not compatible with the theme version 5.2.5. Please update the Cornerstone to version 1.2.7

Thank you.

Hi Christopher,

I don’t use Cornerstone for this site.
The url could be any of the product pages on my site But at random:


Hi there,

The Zoom functionality of Woocommece hides that feature of the browsers. That is not related to our theme and a Woocommerce functionality. You can check the original Woocommerce demo which does not have the alt tooltip either:

To disable the Zoom feature, you need to simply add the code below to functions.php file of the Child Theme which you need to install.

remove_theme_support( 'wc-product-gallery-zoom' );

Thank you.

Ok and thanks Christopher.
The zoom functionality is great. I don’t want to loose that.

You’re most welcome!

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